Wooden Mouse and Cheese Threading & Lacing Toy for Toddlers Age 2+

NATURAL BEECHWOOD: This lacing toy is made of premium unpainted and high-quality beechwood from sustainable forestry and a natural cotton string with a beautiful natural wooden mouse.

PROMOTION OF MOTOR SKILLS ACCORDING TO MONTESSORI: The Montessori wooden cheese toy playfully stimulates gross and fine motor skills, trains hand-eye coordination and promotes age-appropriate concentration! Our cheese lacing game is designed and tested for kids ages 2 and up!

CHILD-SAFE AND TESTED: The lacing string is made of pure cotton and is detachable for safety, according to newest American and European toy safety standards for toddlers which are exceeded by our wooden threading game. Because playing must also be safe!

HEALTHY TRAVEL ACTIVITIES FOR TODDLERS: Hours of entertainment are guaranteed with this educational wooden lace-up toy: toddlers will be occupied for hours while lacing the mouse through the wooden cheese. An ideal toy for the car or the airplane!

BEAUTIFUL GIFT BOX WITH PLAY IDEAS: The high-quality, plastic-free gift box not only looks beautiful, but also contains more play ideas for toddlers to use threading cheese! Ideal for preschool game activities and in the car!


Promote playfully the motor skills of your toddler while playing with the natural beechwood cheese and mouse!


wooden cheese cheesalino extasticks lacing toy travel activity kids toddler car airplane traveling


There is something that already accompanies us in early infancy and with which the brain of children is constantly occupied: Exploring!

What happens when I put the mouse in this side? Where does it come out? And how does it get back again?

Every child likes to explore new things and puzzle until a solution is found.

Being motorically active and creative and having a child-friendly medium to act this out naturally attracts children of different ages, because it embodies the natural tendency to explore and get to know the body and one’s own movements better.

It is precisely this innate inclination that is supported by our Cheesalino.

For EXTASTICKS, promoting motor skills and body awareness is an essential part of our children’s holistic development.

The Cheesalino from EXTASTICKS was developed by parents for parents and educators and that is exactly why the high-quality beech wood is from sustainable forestry and the cord made of pure cotton has a connecting part that makes the cord childproof, as it can be separated there if necessary.

Because we pay attention to our toys not only on high-quality materials and educational value, but especially on the safety of children. This is very important for us as an American company.

wooden cheese mouse cheesalino kids toddlers travel activity threading game lacing toy lace-up motor


Why is the Cheesalino so conducive to holistic development, in which the use and networking of both hemispheres of the brain plays a major role?

The connection of both brain hemispheres in the child’s brain arises from the fact that the intuitively improvising, right brain hemisphere discovers and invents creative new ways of putting the mouse through the cheese and how it comes out again and what else can be discovered with the wooden threading game, while the analytically rational, left brain hemisphere deals with the location of the holes, the size, the shape, and the length of the string.

Who can’t get excited about their own or close children becoming motorically fit while playing, discovering connections and learning new things while plugging and threading, and having a really good time at the same time?

Playing and learning together, having and implementing ideas, and sharing all of this with friends and family brings endless joy and connects not only children and their parents, but also children of different ages.

fit for future kids children strong wooden toy toys game lacing threading cheese toddler travel kid


We want to promote essential values for children’s future through our toys, play ideas and books.

To ensure this, we have developed our own system for the development and evaluation of toys with a team of experts, holistic pedagogues and educators: The “FIT FOR THE FUTURE” system.

To receive our “FIT FOR THE FUTURE” seal, a toy must promote at least one of the values we consider essential for a happy and fulfilling life:


Activating the link between the two hemispheres of the brain results in creativity and the ability to solve problems. Our toys are designed to activate both hemispheres of the brain and solve problems independently.


Children can learn that their choices have an impact on their emotional state. Our toys specifically encourage children to make choices and thus influence their own emotional state.


Learning while having fun, and experiencing the joy of doing so, is a fundamental trait for a socially engaged person. Our toys and play ideas prioritize the joy and fun of play: And learning in the process.


Thinking logically means using what you observe and linking it together. Our toys encourage logical thinking by making connections between colors, shapes, distances, and space and by solving challenges.


Being able to express yourself and communicate with others is an important social skill. Making up characters and stories, rhyming, inventing your own song lyrics, and singing expand pronunciation, rhythm, and language skills in general.


Concentration and attention to the essentials is a fundamental skill in a world of sensory overload. Our toys encourage to focus on a fun and challenging activity – because it’s fun!


Self-confident children are not afraid of making mistakes. They know that they learn from mistakes. Our game ideas focus on the aspect that every child has his or her own strengths and talents and that mistakes are part of learning.


Physically active children also have good gross and fine motor skills, a good balance system and can assess themselves well. We incorporate physical activity and motor skills building games into our play ideas: What kids love!

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