★ ENTERTAINMENT, LEARNING, AND FUN: The colorful stacking cups keep children playing for hours, they are great fun for baths or playtime on the beach! With differently shaped small holes in the bottom for water to drain out in different ways
⌛ FINE MOTOR SKILLS: This educational baby toy favors not only fun but also children’s learning by playing and developing manual skills. Stacking cups help kids learning to identify and sort colors, shapes, and sizes. The cups are bright and colorful to visually stimulate kids
❋ BPA-FREE AND NON-TOXIC: This bath toy is made of durable, non-toxic, and BPA-free material (ABS), like very robust and durable material. Having as highest priority the safety of our children, all cups have all soft edges for the highest safety
✚ SAFETY FOR TODDLERS: These stacking cups are manufactured under the strictest international safety standards, according to ASTM and CE, tested and certified by accredited laboratories to ensure material safety
☼ PLAY ON THE BEACH OR IN THE TUB: Stackable cups are the perfect fun gift. Suitable for boys and girls, ideal to play outside during hot summer days, on the beach, in the water, or while taking a beautiful and fun bath


Product Description

extasticks stacking cups bath tub beach playtime stackers building toys toy kids water toddler

If a gift can change a life, it also has. the potential to change the world!

At Extasticks we love to play, have fun, imagine, create and inspire! We are passionate about gifts and the magical world of relationships.

We believe that a world with more people giving and receiving gifts is a better place to live.

Children are natural “gift-givers”. They collect flowers or any other little gift to give to their parents, friends, to their brothers and sisters…

They do it simply because it makes them feel good and happy!

What happens when you cut a flower in your garden and give it to that special person? From the neurophysiology to psychology, all the energy transforms, and we literally change our state.

Our brain lights up and automatically generates serotonin, the substance of happiness!

That’s why we make gifts and inspire people to give gifts: it generates pleasure and happiness for all!

stacking cups for boys girls stack nesting stackers toddler toy toys bath tub beach children kids


Our mission is to promote trust, mutual respect, optimism, and joy among children and their educators. And gifts are the perfect excuse to do it!

Today the most advanced scientific studies have proven that we create our reality based on what we think and feel – we feel and think based on what we focus on!

“The outside” is only a reflection of what we have “inside”.

Sowing thoughts and emotions that generate a pleasant and elevated state of optimism and enthusiasm to get in tune with what we really yearn for!

Most parents think a lot about what’s best for their kids – so do we. That’s how Extasticks was born!

stacking cups stackers cup kids kid children toddlers tots girl beach bath tub girl playtime babies

Additional information

Weight 0.30 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4.70 × 4.60 in
Package Dimensions

4.7 x 4.6 x 4 inches

Item Weight

4.8 ounces

Shipping Weight

4.8 ounces




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