HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT, LEARNING AND FUN. Perfect educational toy for kids and babies; girls and boys. Children love playing with this timeless toy, being concentrated for hours, playing and learning. It contains 66 magnetic building blocks: 32 squares, 32 triangles and 2 wheels (+ Bonus! IDEA BOOKLET + STORAGE BAG) The measurements correspond to the standard size. Compatible with other similar magnetic tiles. Squares 2.55’’; triangles 2.16’’; wheels 4’’ Recommended for kids 3 years on.

USE THEM, KICK THEM, BITE THEM. 100% safe and robust. Quality and safety of toddlers is essential in our products. Our kit was made of HIGH QUALITY ABS plastics because it is more rigid and resistant to any impact and fundamentally NON-TOXIC.

PROTECT YOUR CHILDREN. The tiles have SOFT and ROUNDED edges in order to protect children’s hands from any roughness. Our magnets are encapsulated securely in the plastic housing so they do not risk falling off or staking out when manipulating the blocks.

DEVELOP MANUAL SKILLS AND LOGICAL THINKING. Magnetic construction tiles favor not only fun, but also, children’s learning by imagination and creativity, as well as, the recognition of shapes and colors. It also promotes interplay between parents and children.

GIVE IT WITH CONFIDENCE: Our product was manufactured under the strictest international SAFETY STANDARDS, according to ASTM and CE. It was tested and certified by accredited laboratories to ensure material safety.

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Product Description

Magnetic blocks favor not only fun, but also, children’s learning by developing manual skills, the capacity for logical thinking, imagination and creativity, as well as, the recognition of shapes and colors. It also, promotes interplay between parents and children. The magnetic building blocks are one of the favorite toys of children. They are fun for all ages and provide several additional dimensions to the classic block building activity. They are translucent magnetic mosaics that you can use to build 3D structures, animals, cars and everything the imagination allows.

Our product is made with the best materials and, above all, they are very safe for children. The ABS plastic parts are more rigid and resistant to any impact and are fundamentally non-toxic. Our magnets are encapsulated in a safe way to avoid detachments. They are very strong which allows the creation of stable figures. Its size is perfect for children; The pieces are easy to hold for the little ones due to the cut out shape. The edges of the pieces are round and soft.

With only one set of 66 pieces you can build towers, houses, cars, animals, towers and 3D figures. The set comes with a chassis, a rectangle that has wheels so you can build vehicles. Children love the “car”!Our set incorporates a bag with the brand, so your children can store and transport the pieces once the game is over. It also contains an instruction booklet that teaches how to create different figures.

Additional information

Weight 1.76 lbs
Dimensions 3.80 × 8.60 × 5.80 in


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