7- The POWER of Music

Through sound patterns, music has the power to build a deep rapport with people. The vibrations, the melody, and the lyrics all come together to profoundly affect the emotional state of individuals. A joyful, friendly, familiar rhythm can be used to introduce good or bad messages in people’s subconscious.

6- The POWER of Parental Expectations

In the 60s, two psychologists, Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson, led a research that would change the course of human behavior theory. These two psychologists studied the powerful effect that our beliefs and expectations have over the performance and behavior of others.

5- HOW to PROMOTE and SUPPORT your child´s development according to the MOST POWERFUL scientific discovery of the XXI century

Knowing that almost any “limitation” that our child is facing, whether in the area of learning, social integration, the development of their intellectual or emotional capabilities, or even some poor health condition, CAN BE REVERSED and optimized with appropriate stimuli, is a great incentive for us to always seek and find new alternatives to any difficulty.

4-  What is the biggest MISTAKE we can make as parents?

The BELIEF that there is a superior being, a thing, a “something” that judges us and awards us or punishes us for our behavior, is without doubt the WORST and most terrible and inhibiting of all beliefs that exists. It is the mother of all the nefast beliefs and the main cause of the great amount of irrational FEARS that people suffer. In this article we explain the way to free children from the most absurd fears forever.

3-  What ACTIVITIES do you do with your kids before going to sleep?

In this article we are going to learn about a very specific technique, which is called HYPNOPEDIA, that will allow us to take advantage of the natural states of the working brain to promote in our children states of greater optimism, safety, confidence, and tranquility.

2-  How CAN a single question CHANGE forever your child’s LIFE?

The quality of the questions we ask children is essential for the correct development of their psychology, because as many of you already know, childhood is the most important moment of our lives. In this article we will learn what kind of questions are CONSTRUCTIVE for the proper development of our children’s mentality and which are definitely not.

1- The DEVASTATING power that “labels” have in the development of our children´s SELF-ESTEEM and how to avoid them

As educators and as parents, one of the most serious MISTAKES we make is to identify a child, through accusations, comments, or criticisms, when they misbehave. Remarks such as “you are bad”, “you are lazy”, “you are shy”, “you are irresponsible”, etc., all erode the child’s self-esteem. In this article we will provide a powerful resource to get rid of the harmful “labels” and empower the little ones.